Platform Protection

Protecting helicopters when it matters the MoST

08/03/2017 by Anurag Tripathi

Today, helicopters play an irreplaceable role for any military and law enforcement agencies in moder...

Personal Protection

Reducing head trauma the dawn of next-gen armoured helmets

03/08/2017 by Manish Khandelwal


Instavest Female Vests – Ballistic protection, designed specifically for women

08/03/2020 by Rajib Pal

Women today play an ever increasing role in the Armed Forces. Female soldiers are being trained as equals to men they are every bit as effective and efficient in their service. This is reason for cheer, however their lies one base fundamental that could differentiate a man from a woman, that is the anatomy. As a result of the different anatomical structure of a woman, the Armed Forces need to recognize that for personal protection an alternative solution is required. 

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Night Sights - Image Intensified or Thermal - Which one is right for you

18/12/2019 by Raghav Jain

Considering a night vision weapon sight? Confused between thermal and nightvision (i2) devices? Which one to choose?. Check out our guide to understanding and choosing the night vision technology that would be best suited for your requirements.

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Extending shelf life of body armour

09/12/2019 by Rajib Pal

Body armour is the most crucial layer of a soldiers uniform, see our guide on who to maintain and store it when not in use to ensure maximum life for your body armour

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Choosing a night vision weapon sight – What to look for?

02/11/2019 by Raghav Jain

Following is a list of parameters and guide to refer to while deciding or choosing a weapon sight to go with.

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Extended Role of Combat Helmets

17/11/2018 by Dr. D.D. Dixit

No doubt bullet injuries are more lethal, but fungal infections that tend to nourish on the inner side of helmets during deployment of combatants in tropical and rainy terrains, impede the efficiency/performance by hitting on concentration of soldier in battlefield. Harness/Padding system on the inner hull of helmet can often soak up and retain high levels of moisture in tropical and damp environments.It is an important requirement for agencies facilitating soldiers operating in the jungle environment with proper and quality head gears to overcome itching and related issues when helmets are being worn over an extended period of time.

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Force Multipliers for Infantrymen

27/04/2018 by Manish Khandelwal

Need for lighter ballistic protection gears to maximise soldier’s mobility is continually being felt with advancement in weapon science. Referring to the ongoing progression in the area of soldier modernization, integrating electronic and communication devices to existing body armour is relentlessly being practised by armies all over the world. Integration of electronic systems results to added situational awareness along with constant interaction and directives from command centre.

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