One stop-shop for Platform Protection

Kavro Platform Protection offers smart solutions and end to end project management for design, development, manufacturing and integration of ballistic protection solutions for Naval Platforms, Air Platforms Land, Land Vehicles and Objects using patented technologies, smart processes and smart techniques that have been developed over years of R&D efforts. We have already provided protection to over 3000 platforms to date.


Our smart solutions are cutting-edge as they are technology and innovation-focused. Kavro Platform Protection offers smart solutions and end to end project management.

4 Stage Process for End-to-End Solutions

Kavro Platform Protection follows a 4-stage smart process that is proven to ensure efficient project management and offers end to end solutions for lightweight composite ballistic protection of platforms. This process is designed to address all queries and examine all criteria to develop efficient and optimised protection solutions per customer requirements.


Smart Trinity is the amalgamation of smart functionality, smart design, and smart technology. It forms the foundation on which all our solutions are designed, developed and delivered to our heroes.

Smart is a mind set, of always challenging the limits of design and technology, of exactly understanding the usage, requirement and environments, and then developing the most ideal solutions that make a difference. It is about thinking from the users perspective and not from our own.



  • Threat Analysis
  • Platform Assessment
  • Payload Assessment
  • Protection Area Assessment
  • Performance Analysis
  • Budgetary considerations

In the solutions design stage, experts from Kavro's solutions team assess the protection requirements, theatre of operation of the platform that is to be protected, including its operational restrictions. They then prepare a systematic report on their assessment of the threat, platform capability and operational restrictions.



  • Solution Development
  • Prototype Development

Upon completion of the solutions design stage, the Kavro technical team works on carefully selecting the materials based on protection, performance requirements and any other specific requirements captured during the solution design stage. The Kavro engineering team meanwhile starts developing an engineered prototype for the solution and custom fitments to ensure compatibility, coverage and integration criteria.



  • Engineered Armour Kits
  • Engineered Composite Armour Panels
  • Engineered Flexible Armour Panels
  • Add-on Armour
  • Spall Liners

Depending upon the final selection of the solution, Kavro Platform Protection manufactures a comprehensive range of products and solutions that cover a large spectrum of lightweight armour solutions and protection solutions for naval platforms, air platforms, land vehicles and objects including:


Integration & Training

Kavro Platform Protection offers complete project management and integration of lightweight composite armour on the platforms and for special protection areas. We deliver complete training for the removal and installation of modular armour kits and add on armour on multi-mission platforms so that end-users can remove or install the same as and when required.

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