MKU offers excellent opportunity for motivated, work-centric and enthusiastic professionals in various technical and non-technical fields. You will be part of a global team working on creating, selling and marketing newer and better products and solutions to help the Heroes, who fearlessly stand in the line of duty to safeguard our freedom, our security and our way of life. They are only making our world safer, they are ensuring that it remains safe for the generations to com.


We are one of the leading defence companies in the domain of optronics and armouring solutions with expertise and capability that few others can match. Over 60 engineers work non-stop at the MKU Technical Centre which is recognised as a research and development facility by the Ministry of Science and Technology, Govt. Of India for military grade technology and applications.


MCourage is an initiative through which we embark on a journey to create the True Team at MKU: The ultimate community where everyone plays a crucial role in self & peer growth. This initiative, uniquely designed to the needs of each person at MKU is a reinforcement of the cause we so brilliantly work towards, each waking hour.We truly believe that small actions, when multiplied by hundreds of people like you, have the power to shape the world.We ‘MCourage’ you to reckon with the force that is MKU.



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