MPOWER - Our Open Innovation Program has been designed to embrace collaborations and partnerships that have the potential to create value and fuel progress. We are committed to developing sustainable partnerships and collaborations on new ideas and technologies, in specific areas of interest, that seek to thrive on mutual cooperation and shared rewards.

The MKU Advantage

MKU is a global homeland and security company with a presence in over 100 countries. We manufacture smart soldier solutions and smart platform solutions that deliver confidence in challenging situations. These solutions are developed using smart technologies, smart design and smart functionality.



‘Our vision is to foster safe and secure environments for us and generations to come. We contribute to this by increasing capability and reducing risks for brave men and women who stand in the line of duty to protect our freedom and our safety’

We firmly believe that partnerships, a shared vision and aligned capabilities will help us make a larger impact together. Currently we seek new innovative ideas from industry and academia in the following disciplines which fall in alignment with our vision and mission.


Our Open Innovation Program fosters innovation and collaboration

At MKU, we recognize and appreciate the power of ideas and research outside our organization. MPOWER - our Open Innovation Program has been designed to foster and nurture partnerships and collaborations on new ideas and technologies, in specific areas of interest. It provides an opportunity for external collaborators to access our testing facilities, materials, markets, and customers.


How do I submit an opportunity?

We accept all ideas and opportunities for the MPOWER Open Innovation program exclusively through our website. Please go through our list of FAQs’ or click here to submit an opportunity. For any other queries regarding this program, please feel free to contact mpower@mku.com

Who may participate?

We look forward to associating with Individuals (students, scientists, designers, experts, etc.), companies, institutions, academia from all streams and all countries who can contribute to our vision to enhance capabilities and reduce risks for soldiers in our specific areas of interest

Are there any special requirements?

While there are no special requirements for submitting an opportunity, we will need to be sure and ascertain that the idea, solution and technology being submitted is owned by you and does not infringe upon any one’s IP. We may ask you for some indemnities and requirements to validate that.



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