“Growth is always collective. Culture is paramount. It's about the team, building their careers, and setting them up for success”

Manoj Gupta
Mr. Manoj Gupta


Mr Manoj Gupta, Chairman of MKU Limited is credited with turning his family owned multi-business organization into a world class conglomerate. Today he heads the ‘GKG Group’ a diverse and versatile group of companies with units including Defence and Aerospace, Infrastructure and Construction. A thorough family man, great orator, practical and worldly-wise, he enjoys golf, swimming and squash.

Neeraj Gupta
Mr. Neeraj Gupta

Managing Director

A people’s person, a keen observer, and a great networker Mr Neeraj Gupta is constantly exploring newer ideas and horizons for growing the business. His constant quest for expansion and innovation has seen the company diversify into aerospace components and state of art electro-optics division. He was instrumental in MKU’s foray into the armour business which he has successfully taken to over 100 countries. When he is not leading MKU into the future, he likes to travel, explore next gen technologies and read.

Sumit Khandelwal
Mr. Sumit Khandelwal

Director – Armour Operations

Mr Sumit Khandelwal, Director Operations MKU Ltd is heading the Armour Business Operations. His rich experience of 3 decades in managing technical operations and manufacturing value-added specialty armour products helped MKU become the leader in the Armour industry within a short span of time. Mr Khandelwal is also leading EIS Electronics Business Unit, as ‘Managing Director’; one of the other prominent GKG group company.

Manish Khandelwal
Mr. Manish Khandelwal

Director – Armour Technology

Donning multiple hats, shuttling between roles and responsibilities as a Business leader, Innovator and Tech Lead within the organization Mr Manish Khandelwal is the man behind introducing most of ground-breaking products from house of MKU. He is proficiently leading the MKU in-house research wing for last 25 years.

Prachi Gupta
Ms. Prachi Gupta

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) - Electro Optics Business Division

An angel investor, a technology enthusiast Prachi, is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Electro Optics Business Division. Prachi Gupta a BE (Systems Engineering) from University of Warwick, UK is passionately managing the division of electro-optics and is resolute to deliver niche & cutting-edge solutions for the global defence sector with indigenous technology.

Mr. Karan Gupta

Vice President - Strategy and New Business Development

Karan is steering the corporate strategy and new business development for MKU ltd. An Electrical Engineer from Boston, Massachusetts, United States, Mr Karan Gupta is seizing MKU to the next level by being instrumental in creating a culture of operational excellence throughout the organization with a core focus on customer centricity. He is leading the internal Process Improvement, Automation, Sales & Marketing for MKU.

YP Shrestha
Mr. YP Shrestha

Vice President - HR

Y P Shrestha is the Vice President human resource of MKU Ltd. YP is an ardent believer of capability development, ethics and joy at the workplace. His more than 3 decades of rich work experience has seen him lead teams to defined business-aligned”, “value-driven”, “issue-based”, “employee-centric” from being jargons to becoming the very essence of work place.