Kavro Body Armour solutions deploy the proven Kirosoft technology and smart design that ensure enhanced lightweight, multi-hit protection, comfort and flexibility. They are capable of providing protection from ballistic threats and stabs. Kavro Body Armour solutions are certified by the leading laboratories and institutions in the world.


Smart Trinity is the amalgamation of smart functionality, smart design, and smart technology. It forms the foundation on which all our solutions are designed, developed and delivered to our heroes.

Smart is a mind set, of always challenging the limits of design and technology, of exactly understanding the usage, requirement and environments, and then developing the most ideal solutions that make a difference. It is about thinking from the users perspective and not from our own.



Safer, smarter, and the most comfortable and lightest protection yet

While most handgun ammunitions, stab threats, fragments and even rifle threats can be defeated, it is about developing solutions that are smart and offer protection without compromising on weight, flexibility, multi-hit capabilities, and trauma. This is because agility, comfort, and confidence are of primary importance to soldiers while carrying out their responsibilities and missions in the line of duty.

Kavro’s Kirosoft technology uses smart hybridization and consolidation technologies that incorporate para-aramid, UHMWPE, and shock-absorbing materials to develop the most smart, thin and flexible armour solutions which are over 40% lighter and thinner and 50% more flexible ensuring better maneuverability and enhanced efficiencies to the user.


Ballistic & Fragment Protection

Kavro soft armour solutions developed using the Kirosoft technology are capable of providing extremely lightweight and comfortable solutions to protect from various 9mm, .357 Magnum, .44 Magnum threats as per stringent performance specifications specified by some of the leading international standards including NIJ 0101.06, German Schutzklassen, European VPAM BSW 2006, UK HOSDB 2017, Russian GOST-R50744-95 and IS17051:18 of India. Solutions developed using Kirosoft technology undergo strict verification and validation processes to ensure zero failure rates. They are also extremely effective in protecting against fragments and projectiles as per STANAG 2920 and MIL 662F standards.

Stab Protection

Kavro soft armour solutions developed using the Kirosoft technology, coupled with smart metallic and non-metallic materials, are capable of providing light and flexible solutions even for the highest level of protection against knives like P1/A, S1/A, P1/B, spikes needles, and sharp & pointed instruments as per NIJ 0115.00, UK HOSDB 2007 & VPAM KDIW 2004 standards.


ILDS - Insta Load Distribution

Smart weight management system for tactical vests

Depending upon the operational requirements, or the role in a mission, soldiers carry a load of around 30-40 kgs on them that includes the weight of the body armour, combat weapons, ammunition, other required gear, electronics, and power packs. For cold weather soldiers, specialised soldiers, or soldiers on longer duration missions, the weight could go up substantially higher.

Made of high-quality composites, the smart design of the ILDS allows one universal size to fit all size and height combinations. It is detachable and seamlessly compatible with Kavro's quick release over-vests. It comprises of 2 components, a smart load distribution assembly (SLDA) which attaches to the rear of a Kavro 'MOLLE' compatible vest via pouch, and a 'Smart Belt' with a load-bearing gear to accommodate and operate the system.

Kavro ILDS (Insta Load Distribution System) is a smart add-on for tactical vests that manages and redistributes a soldier's carried load. It lifts the weight of the carried load from the soldier’s shoulder, back and spine and redistributes it to his hips and legs, resulting in extreme comfort, greater mobility and substantially enhanced endurance. The Kavro ILDS enables soldiers to carry their loads much more easily without hindering their range of motions in any tactical situation.


The Insta Load Distribution System comprises of 2 components, a smart load distribution assembly (SLDA) which attaches to the rear of a Kavro 'MOLLE' compatible vest vest via pouch, and a 'Smart Belt' with a load-bearing gear to accommodate and operate the system.


Quick Release

At times, in the theatre of combat, survivability depends on split-second decisions. In extraordinary situations like receiving critical medical aid after injury, during fire and explosions when uniform catches fire, near-drowning situations navigating treacherous terrain on the run, or when escaping enemy onslaught, etc., a quick response to the need to divest the body armour and tactical equipment can help soldiers avoid lethal consequences. The unique and innovative quick-release feature in Kavro combat and tactical vests is a result of smart user-centric design and our deep understanding of the on-ground operating scenarios faced by operators in challenging situations.

Kavro body armours deploy the patented and revolutionary 4P Quick Release System that divests the body armour from the operator's body within a split second, in a single action.

The smart user-centric design philosophy used to develop the Kavro quick release system makes it the easiest, most intuitive, and fastest quick release system for body amour. The divested body armour can be recouped and reassembled as easily and as quickly when required. It is a cut above other quick release systems available in the market, which are not only cumbersome to use but difficult to use.


Enhanced survivability

Kavro quick release system is seamless compatibility with Insta Load Distribution System which manages and redistributes the weight of the carried load by a soldier to enhance their endurance and agility.

It incorporates an activated safety mechanism to prevent accidental triggering. It is ambidextrous in nature and requires just a single pull action from either hand to be triggered. The system is non-corrosive and all weatherproof and requires no maintenance. It is tested to function efficiently and effectively on land, underwater or at high altitudes.



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Multi Utility
Over Vest

Extremely lightweight and comfortable, the NIJ 0101.06 certified Kavro TAC-XIVA+ Multi Utility Over Vest is designed for tough missions and tactical environments