Night vision monocular | Military night vision monocular | Handheld, Helmet & Weapon Mounted
NM-3000 InfoGraphics
MKU's NETRO NM-3000 is a multifunctional night vision monocular, which allows the soldier to hold back his night-adapted vision by mounting it on the helmet, head. This device is designed keeping the easy of use and maintenance in mind. It can be easily switched from one eye to another as per user's comfort.

The device can also be used as a Binocular by mounting two monoculars together for Night Driving and tactical operations. With this MKU helps armed forces with perfect counter equipment to overcome any organized act of fatality with minimal loss or damage. MKU understands the role of flexibility during combat missions and therefore the liberty NETRO NM-3000 offers is unsurpassable in terms of handiness followed by increased visibility in pitch dark conditions.
Features of Monocular-NM3000
  • Multi-functional for swift tactical movements or observation
  • Rugged and durable, compliant to MIL-STD-810G
  • Suitable focus adjustment is provided for smaller focus ranges.
  • Suitable diopter adjustment is provided for bespectacled users.
  • The device has an automatic bright light cut off sensor for protection from sudden burst of bright light.
Tech Specs of Monocular-NM3000
  • II Tube:
    • Generation - 2+ (Multi-Alkali) & 3 (GaAs)
    • Resolution of the II tube - 64- 72 lp/mm
    • Signal to Noise Ratio - 22-30
    • Figure of Merit - 1400 - 2100
    • Auto Gating
    • Phosphor: P22, P43 and P45
  • Wide Field of View
  • Built in IR LED/Laser for illumination
  • Battery Type - AA or CR123
  • CE Certified