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Turn darkness
to your advantage.



Over the past two decades, the role of Electro-optics technology has become so pivotal in military and counter-terrorism operations. During a tactical operation, soldiers need quick and actionable devices that would be helpful in providing intelligence gathering, situational awareness, target acquisition, and can make effective decisions at a moment’s notice.

MKU manufactures a wide range of high and advanced 'Night vision' and 'Thermal' devices which allow soldiers and security personnel to operate effectively and with precision under low light and near pitch dark conditions. MKU's Electro-Optics devices are compatible with a host of commercially available combat equipment. They can be mounted easily using existing mounting & attachment subsystems.
Image Intensifier

Night Vision Devices

Night vision devices use a combination of Image Intensifier tubes, high end optics and electronics, to amplify the available light for better visibility in lowlight and extremely dark conditions. NETRO Night Vision Devices are advanced, compact and lightweight, they help you stay one step ahead in during missions in low light conditions. Choose a device for your mission from our range of versatile weapon sights, monocular and bi-oculars.
Thermal Devices

Thermal Imagers

Thermal Imaging works on the concept of measuring differences in temperature of objects to produce a digital image in question. Thermal devices detect minute differences in temperature to produce images without the need of any visible light. They are capable of working in pitch dark conditions, and even through fog and smoke. NETRO thermal devices help operators respond to, and carry out missions faster than ever before without any hindrance.

'Netro' devices during midnight operation

This video highlights the leading features of image intensification and thermal night vision devices by NETRO for tactical operations, surveillance, and target acquisition.


With a large production capacity of approximately 6000 devices per annum, we commit to deliver every order with efficiency. We have a state-of-the-art production facility with a class 10000 cleanroom for optical production and assemblies. MKU has a fully equipped Environmental and Optical testing lab to conduct various tests as per standards; like MIL-STD 810G / STANAG-4370/ and Indian JSS-55555. We also have dedicated optical test stations for II Tube testing and final product testing to ensure high-quality performance.


Continuous research and development in Netro’s technologies is our key to success. Over 50% of our team is qualified engineers who are constantly working on developing new solutions to provide the most advanced electro-optical devices. Our team comprises of specialists in the areas of Product Design, Optical Design, MEMS, Image processing, FPGA and Embedded Systems Design and Development. We have substantially invested in R&D Machines, Software and Rapid Prototyping technologies to swiftly meet the requirement of our customers.