Our vision is to increase capability and reduce risks for soldiers. Our strength lies in engineering & development, project management and large-scale manufacturing of defence products that meet and exceed international standards. Over the last 3 decades, we have progressed from manufacturing fibre glass helmets to state of art body armour and platform armour, to complex electrical cable harness systems and to sensor-based night vision and thermal devices. We strive to stay ahead of the technology curve in every sector that we operate in.
Electro Optics & Sensors

MKU is one of the few Indian companies who have been consistently developing products through collaborative R&D. We have fully developed Electro-optic products based on image intensification & thermal imaging technologies. Our products are complaint to MIL 810F/G standards as well as IP67/68. Our strength is not limited to development only, we have state of the art manufacturing and In-house testing facilities for conducting photo-metric quality tests as well as environmental stress tests on devices for durability.

MKU has made investment in R&D to manufacture thermal imaging engines based on micro-bolometer and image intensifying tubes in India. This will enable us to offer highly sophisticated electro-optic systems with customisation at optimised prices. Our up-coming range of products include laser-based technologies and enhanced digital night vision.

As per industry estimates, the global electro-optics market will reach $ 16 Billion, out of which India’s electro-optics requirements are estimated at US $ 2Billion by 2025. We believe this sector has high potential for partnerships for fulfilling large offset obligations of foreign suppliers in India.

Cable Harness and Complex Assemblies

E.I.S. Electronics (India) Pvt. Ltd., a joint venture with EIS Electronics GmbH was incorporated in 2013 to manufacture quality loom assemblies for aerospace and defence applications in India. The state of art production unit is located in Kanpur and is registered with the Indian Air Force Base Workshops, HAL, BEL among others.

The Indian facility has been manufacturing and exporting wiring harnesses for Airbus 320, 380 and 350 aircrafts. We also make loom assemblies for the Dornier, AN32, SU30 aircrafts, Elta Radar systems and armoured vehicles. The Indian facility is offsets compliant and is fully geared to provide high quality products to OEMs and foreign suppliers who need to fulfil their offset obligations in India. We are certified and conform to AS 9100 and capable of delivering stringent quality and performance norms required by companies operating in this domain. Being an MSME, EIS Electronics (India) Pvt Ltd can offer 1.5 multiplier factor for offsets credits to OEMs.

Armouring for Platforms (Land, Air, Sea)

Platforms used by defence & security forces are vulnerable to threats and can be easy targets due to their size. MKU designs and integrates armour systems to protect platforms against bullets, shrapnel’s and spilling. Our engineers work closely with OEMs to provide complete project management for armour solutions, from design, development, and manufacturing to integration within the platforms. Our platform armouring products include: MoST (Modular Schutz Tecknik), Cerazone & Flexar to cater to wide variety of threats for land, air and naval platform. We have armoured over 2000 platforms till date in Germany, France, Mexico & India amongst other.

Our manufacturing facilities are capable of producing very large size panels to help reduce installation time when armouring large platforms. We use water jet cutters and laser cutting machines to process and engineer various types of materials. We have developed special fixtures to use available hoisting points in airborne platform.

Body Armour & Helmets

MKU is a well-known brand internationally for Body Armour and helmets for defence, paramilitary and police forces. Over 230 forces in 100+ countries trust our products. We have one of the world’s largest manufacturing facilities for armour production, which are certified to BA9000 by Perry Johnson Registrar US. Over 150,000 Body armours can be produced by us in a single year. Our full-scale in-house testing facilities for physical, chemical and ballistic testing of armour products complement our manufacturing strength and several of our products have been awarded international patents. MKU was the first company to manufacture hard armour in India. Our products are tested and certified by the leading laboratories in the world, including the National Institute of Justice, USA for the NIJ 0101.06 certification.

MKU currently is supplying 158,000 ballistic helmets with communication headsets to Indian Army.

Owing to large demand for Body Armour by Defence & Homeland forces around the world, OEMs can take advantage of MKU to help fulfil their Indian Defence offset obligations.