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Combat System for Soldiers

Components of Network Centric Integrated Combat System

Armies across the world are working on incorporating newer technologies and equipment around combat roles, missions and deployments. NICS - The network centric integrated combat system for soldiers, is designed to overcome the challenges faced by the armed forces when modernising the gear of their network centric soldiers. NICS facilitates easy integration of the combat subsystems for effective connectivity and communication with the new & evolving command and control equipment.

NICS can be customised to provide role tailored, mission specific integrated body armour with an electro safe layer. The electro-safe layer integrates and provides PnP (Plug 'n Play) connectivity to the subsystems and sensors like equipments, weapons, wearable technology and power sources mounted onto the combat ensemble. NICS as an integrated concept offers considerable weight reduction while maintaining ergonomics, modularity and interoperability. It offers compatibility with legacy equipment along with new generation equipment being used by soldiers.