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Modern day warfare conditions and operation strategies have evolved. They incorporate new tactics which require additional situational awareness. A modern soldier is equipped with an integrated set of high technology equipment and uniforms. Their communication systems are linked to a variety of real time and archived battlefield information resources.

Besides the technology, equipment and uniforms, field conditions have also evolved over the years for modern soldiers. MKU offers custom design and development of body armour as per the requirements of its customer.

Network centric warfare technology is becoming the order of the day, command centers need to be updated in real time about the situation and status of each combatant. Such systems require the modern soldier to be equipped with a gamut of communication and control devices including GPRS systems, display & navigational gadgets, inter & intra platoon communication devices, etc.

Such requirements enhance the need of body armour which can seamlessly integrate & power these intricate equipment without compromising on the mobility, lethality or survivability of the combatant while allowing for scalability, and modularity of components to suit mission centric requirements. MKU develops custom integrated body armour (CIBA) and solutions that offer light weight protection and seamlessly integrate with a modern soldiers equipment and gear.