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6th Generation - Ballistic Armour Technology from MKU

Ultra Light Weight, Thinner and more Flexible

The 21st century combat soldiers are better protected, better informed and more lethal than ever. But all this extra capability comes at a price – weight. The physical limitations of individual soldiers, stress, and the weight of the equipment and ammunition all affect and hinder the soldier's movement and combat effectiveness.

Depending upon the mission type i.e attack, combat, patrol, pursuit, counter attack, Reconnaissance/intelligence gathering, hostage rescue or urban contact, a combat soldier, on an average carries 36 - 40 Kg of weight on him. (around 22-25 Kg. of ammo, batteries, water and extras needed to combat and survive, and about 17-20 Kg. of body armour, helmet and other wearables). Body armor is probably the heaviest single item the average soldier carries.

The R&D team at MKU has always believed in the 'Less is More' principal while researching and developing its ballistic armour solutions. The lesser the weight that a soldier carries, higher would be his combat effectiveness.

Its team of engineers based in Germany and India are constantly working on decreasing the load quotient of a soldier. It has managed to bring down the weight of its body armour by more than 10 % in every generation of its protection technology.

The 6th Generation of its armouring technology raises the benchmarks further. It deploys the latest and most advanced materials coupled with newer manufacturing techniques to offer solutions that are upto 40% lighter, almost 30% thinner and approx 50% more flexible than similar standard solutions.


6th Generation Solutions - Personal Protection

AMMOFLEX soft armor solutions from MKU offer protection against Handgun threats and Fragment simulating projectiles.

POLYSHIELD hard armour solutions offer protection against heavier and more lethal rifle threats.

The 6th Generation armor solutions, AMMOFLEX 6 & POLYSHIELD 6 are upto 40% lighter & almost 30% thinner compared to standard solutions. They conform to international standard such as NIJ 0101.06, VPAM, BSW 2006 and offer excellent multi hit capabilities. These solutions demonstrate improved resistance to environmental conditions like UV radiation, water, sunlight and sudden temperature changes.

AMMOFLEX 6 soft solutions are very thin and around 50% more flexible than normal ballistic solutions. They offer excellent comfort and ease of movement.

POLYSHIELD 6 hard armour solutions are manufactured using the best materials and latest techniques to offer protection. They demonstrate better energy absorption and dissipation, while offering substantially improved multi -hit capabilities.

Light weight ballistic armour, lesser bulk and extra flexibility of the 6th Generation Solutions from MKU empower the soldier with: