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What does Auto-gated Night Vision mean?

07/07/2020 by Raghav Jain

Auto Gating is a crucial technology in modern day NVDs. It makes the device capable of giving clear ...


Minefield Breaching After the conflict is over

10/07/2017 by Manish Khandelwal

From Afghanistan to Cambodia, and from Angola to Colombia, landmines pose a great threat to civilian lives even years after the war is over. It is surprising to know to know that Egypt is still struggling to clear out the landmines that date back to the North African campaigns of World War II.

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Giving new lease of life to aircraft and helicopters through lightweight armour

08/03/2017 by Anurag Tripathi

In the present day combat scenario, helicoptersplay a major role in security against enemy forces and terrorism. Considering their significant role, it is essential for them to be damage-proof. These expensive machines that routinely go through the test of time and extreme weather conditions can result into a waste of time in a matter of seconds if they are not designed for ballistic protection.

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How can you increase the survivability for your soldiers and law enforcers

08/03/2017 by Manish Khandelwal

Benefits of an ultra-lightweight body armour

Be it a soldier heading for a combat zone or an officer from a law-enforcement agency responding to an emergency call, they never give a second thought for their own safety when there is a call of duty. These soldiers perpetually face fatal threats, and returning home is always a looming question for them.

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MKUs platform armouring solutions keep all threats at bay

08/03/2017 by Sumit Khandewal

Today, for any armed force in the world, armouring platforms has become a crucial priority. Platforms need to be protected from all threats that can be envisaged, and even more importantly from the ones that hit by surprise. The most foolproof way of doing this is by armouring the platforms.

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