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Instant body temperature detection cameras

Elevated human body temperature, or fever, is more often than not, a reliable enough indicator of infections. MKU Salus rapid screening thermal cameras help detect people with elevated body temperatures or potential fever. These devices screen and help contain, or limit the spread of viral diseases such as Covid-19 (coronavirus) in a fast, easy, contactless and reliable method with minimum intervention or incovenience.

Why use Salus thermal screening cameras?

Why is using a Thermal Camera required to fight a disease spread?

A major symptom for Covid-19 is Elevated Body Temperature (EBT) in a person. It is virtually impossible to test every individual in a public space thus increasing the risk of spreading the virus. Using a Thermal Camera, a gathering can be scanned and individuals with EBT can rapidly be identified without close contact. The suspected individuals can be separated from the gathering for further screening.

IR thermometers are effective only when checking temperatures of a small group of people as the process is slow and manual. Only individual readings can be measured from very close quarters, thus exposing the individual monitoring the temperatures and threatening their safety. IR thermometers have a low accuracy of 2 Celsius which renders them ineffective in screening the crowds to identify suspected cases.

The fever threshold in the human body is 37.2 Celsius. Regular IR thermometers have an accuracy of ±2 Celsius. This means that an individual with an elevated temperature of 37.5 Celsius may go undetected, while an individual with normal temperature may be tagged with higher temperature. Thus risking everyone’s safety.

Thermal Cameras can only be used in the outdoors if they are equipped with the housing of such grade. Even then they should be in a covered area to maintain Accuracy and Reliability.

A higher detector resolution means more pixels. A higher number of pixels is able to observe more thermal data points/pixels in the Field of View (FOV) and able to differentiate between closely positioned people/objects.

A visible light camera works in the visible light spectrum and thus produces images we are used to seeing (like a regular camera). We need this along with the thermal image to identify the individual with an elevated body temperature as the thermal image only shows the thermal signature.

Thermal Cameras allow to capture the Temperature readings of an individual from a distance sufficient to maintain social distancing, thus exponentially reducing the risk of infection.

A temperature threshold is set in the Thermal Camera and once any human with a temperature over the threshold value is detected the notification is sent by one or more of the many means such as alarm, system notification or box on the display.

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