Areas of Interest
Areas of Interest

Increasing Capability, Reducing Risk

Our vision is to foster safe and secure environments for us and generations to come. We contribute to this by increasing capability and reducing risks for brave men and women who stand in the line of duty to protect our freedom and our safety. We firmly believe that partnerships, a shared vision and aligned capabilities will help us make a larger impact together. Currently we seek new innovative ideas from industry and academia in the following disciplines which fall in alignment with our vision and mission..

Ballistic Protection

Depending upon operational and mission requirements, soldiers generally carry over 30-40 kgs of standard issue and mission critical gear and equipment on them. Their body armour including helmets not only needs to provide capable protection to them, but also needs to be lightweight, ergonomic and modular in nature to integrate with a host of devices and equipment critical for the success of the mission. We look forward to ideas in materials, design, technologies and solutions in and around body armour genre that can:

  • - Enhance protection, capability, functionality (not limited to) of body armour including helmets
  • - Reduce overall weight of body armour
  • - Enhance ergonomics to increase the mobility and agility of soldiers with their body armour and associated mission gear & equipment
  • - Facilitate better integration with ancillary equipment and gear used by soldiers for overall mission effectiveness and increasing their survivability and lethality index

Electro Optics & Sensors

Sensors, electronics and optics are drastically changing the face of modern warfare. National and homeland security forces are constantly looking to enhance & upgrade their detection, recognition, identification and target acquisition capabilities. Ever escalating asymmetric warfare scenarios at night or in a variety of lowlight situations compromising visibility warrant and emphasise the need of enhanced visibility for the combatants. We look forward to ideas, solutions, technologies around sensors, electronics, advanced optics and portable power and their integration to develop devices, systems and solutions that can provide an edge to combatants in their missions.

Platform Protection

Forces around the world have made large investments in land, air and naval platforms. These platforms perform various strategic roles including protecting or carrying soldiers and critical equipment/supplies for them over and across a spectrum of geographies.

While performing these roles they are exposed to a wide spectrum of threats and operational challenges. The platforms and their precious cargo need to be protected at all times with an expectation of minimum or marginal compromise on their operational capabilities. We look forward to ideas, solutions and technologies for:

  • - Enhancing, either passive or active protection capabilities of land, air and naval platforms from blasts, mines and other armour piercing ballistic threats
  • - Engineering processes, techniques and capabilities to help facilitate better integration of lightweight armour solutions onto platforms
  • - Techniques for enhancing versatility, payload and operational capabilities of platforms

Smart systems for national and homeland security forces

With warzones slowly emerging outwards due to an increase in insurgency and terrorist attacks from within the nation’s boundaries, warrant operational readiness and preparedness for response to unknown situations. Active Surveillance has become a priority for national and state forces, worldwide. We solicit ideas, technologies and solutions in smart technologies, smart wearable and portable power sources facilitating increased battlefield connectivity so that soldiers ar better equipped and better prepared for first response and neutralizing such challenging situations.


MKU has large infrastructure spanning 4 facilities in India and Germany. The facilities include the latest plant and machinery and in-house design and knowledge center with ballistic testing and environmental testing labs and facilities for ballistic solutions and electro-optics. We look forward to ideas, solutions, skills, techniques and advanced technologies that help enhance productivity, precision, optimal utilization, and sustainability though process, automation, green energy, 3D printing etc.

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