Innovation through Collaboration
Innovation through Collaboration

MPOWER - Our Open Innovation Program has been designed to embrace collaborations and partnerships that have the potential to create value and fuel progress. We are committed to developing sustainable partnerships and collaborations on new ideas and technologies, in specific areas of interest, that seek to thrive on mutual cooperation and shared rewards.

How we work together

We are open to evaluate a variety of partnership structures meeting aspiration and expectations of either parties and successful outcomes for innovative projects around our areas of interest coinciding with our vision.

Once an idea is shortlisted as a project. We allocate project mentors, budgets and infrastructures to the project. The project mentors work with our partners to ensure success of the project.

Dedicated Innovation Team

We have a dedicated team which can meet, discuss and assess, with you, the power and potential of your idea or business opportunity and to brief you about our capabilities. We are seeking and looking for innovation and new partnership opportunities aligned to our areas of interest and with our vision.

The MKU Advantage

MKU is a leading manufacturer of electro-optic devices, personal armour and platform armour solutions for military, paramilitary, homeland security and special forces with a customer base in over 100 countries. Our infrastructure includes in-house design, testing and knowledge centres along-with a full-scale ballistic testing facility in Germany. We have been certified as a R&D center by the Govt. of India. Our team works closely with our partners and is equipped to provide them access to our testing centers, our associates, and our markets to enable successful outcome of shared projects and vision.

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