Press Release

Staying protected in variety of situations

21 November 2017, Paris, France

The ever changing threat landscape has necessitated the continual evolution oftactical solutions to improve survivability of the law enforcement personnelwho challenge such threats on a daily basis.

Importance of Ballistic Shields for Law Enforcers

12 September 2017, London, UK

It takes just a matter of seconds for a protest to gyrate into a riot, and it isthe law enforcement personnel who are called upon to control the situation.

Lightweight Armour Solutions for Aircrafts

19 June 2017, Paris, France

In the present day combat scenario, helicopters play a major role in security against enemy forces and terrorism. Considering their significant role, it is essential for them to be damage-proof.

Next-gen body armour that offers high protection and endurance

18 May 2017, Lima, Peru

From the coca-rich jungles in north-central Peru to the streets of downtown Lima, the officers of Peruvian National Police force relentlessly patrol the areas to maintain law and order in the community.

Ballistic Helmet – a crown that protects the soldier

09 May 2017, Istanbul, Turkey

Be it the soldier of the combat squad or the officer of a riot-controlling law enforcement agency, a helmet has become a standard equipment for all of them. Helmets have kept the soldiers in keeping their heads protected from injuries which could have been fatal otherwise. 

Instavest-G6: Combining the joint forces of time and safety

04 April 2017, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

There are a number of stories from around the world where soldiers and law enforcers owe their lives to the body armour they wore during the combat missions. Today,it’s a known and proven fact that ballistic body armour saves lives. 

How can you increase the survivability for your soldiers and law enforcers?

24 February 2017, Abidjan, Ivory Coast

Body armour in form of ballistic vests and ballistic head gears has proved to be a life preserver for thousands of soldiers and law enforcement officers across the globe.

Protecting helicopters when it matters the MoST

19 February 2017, Abu Dhabi, UAE

From conducting special operations behind enemy lines to directing humanitarian and relief operations,helicopters today play an indispensable role for any military and law enforcement agency in modern crisis management. 

Giving new lease of life to aircraft and helicopters through lightweight armour

13 February 2017, Bangalore, India

In today’s combat scenario,aircraft and helicopters have become increasingly important to carry out military operations. They are not only employed for combat and anti-terrorist activities, but also to transport supplies to remote military outposts.