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A rare combination of extra lightweight helmet with ultimate ballistic protection, G Factor helmets from MKU offer optimum protection. Ergonomically designed, these helmets provide extreme comfort in combat zones. Made of lightweight composite material, G-Factor helmets weigh below 1 kg and are much lighter than traditional helmets.


  • Bolt free shell for uniform ballistic protection
  • Mechanically rigid & impact resistant
  • Ricochet damage control system
  • Heat insulated
  • Resistant to extreme temperature, flames and ultraviolet rays
  • Joint-less rubber edging protects the outer contour of the shell.
  • Non Toxic materials.
  • Polyurethane paint provides better outdoor exposure resistance.
  • Easy adapts communication system, gas mask & NVD.
  • Padding System used for easy attachment, removal to the helmet for ease during combat operations.
  • Pads in the suspension system are breathable in nature and also help in reducing the impact of shock
  • Three cum four point harness for snug & stable fitting.


Level II, III A as per NIJ 0106.01