MKU - A strategic partner for offsets in India

We are a leading defence company from India with immense experience and understanding of the end users as well as international defence business. Our products, solutions and capabilities meet and exceed stringent international standards and requirements. Our current inventory of products and offerings form a sizeable part of offset items list of the Govt. of India. With low cost manufacturing advantage, that India offers, we have a proven track record of steep learning curves and high degree of adaptability in absorbing newer technologies, and their subsequent manifestation into cost effective and market viable products.

Having worked extensively in the defence domain, we have developed formidable experience and expertise in dealing with the defence establishments in India and across the world. This has helped us develop strong technology and cross-functional alliances and partnerships with some of the leading names in the defence and aerospace industry including. We believe that our associates and partners constantly propel and sponsor innovation within the company, and that fuels our resolve to go further and be stronger. We are open to new product ideas and technologies to be added to our existing portfolio helping us expand our existing inventory of offerings.

We are ideally poised to work with strategic international partners through new and current ventures to help them fulfil their offset obligations in India.

Leading defence company from India
With over 3 decades of experience in closely working and serving over 230 different force across 100+ countries, we have developed an intrinsic understanding of end user and their complicated requirements both within India and globally. Our products are in service with the entire spectrum of end users within India including Defence Forces, Central Armed Police Forces, State Police Forces and Special forces in India.
Expertise and experience in International business

We are amongst the largest defence exporters in the private sector in India with a large infrastructure and substantial investments in R&D. Our customer base is spread across 100+ countries and we have protected over 2 million soldiers and over 2000 platforms till date. Our strong team of technocrats, engineers, designers and specialists have accumulated immense experience and expertise in capturing and doing business in international markets.

Our network of 50+ channel partners across the world, strong associations and partnerships, and our presence in all major international industry events and exhibitions further augments our strength and reach in the international markets.

Strong Research & Development Capabilities

MKU is committed to stay ahead of the technology curve in every sector that we operate in. Over 10% of our revenue is allocated to constant Research & Development, this allows us to quickly absorb and include new technologies and innovations to our processes and products. The MKU Technical Centre, In house ballistic lab and MIL standard environmental testing facilities for armour as well as electro optics allow our team of engineers, to develop the latest and most innovative force multiplying solutions for soldiers.

Infrastructure that Insipres

MKU’s operates out of India and Germany which are ISO 9001-2008, ISO 14001:2015, AS-9100D, EN 9100, OHSAS 18001 and BA9000 certified. Our infrastructure is spread across 4 manufacturing facilities that cover more than 400,000 sq meters and employ 800+ people. We have in-house labs for ballistic and environmental testing and a class 10,000 clean room for assembly of electro-optic devices. MKU is a registered supplier to UN & NATO.

Successful Partnerships

We believe in the power of partnerships to fuel growth. Our successfully running JV with EIS Electronics GMBH of Germany for manufacturing of complex electrical cable harnesses and assemblies for the defence and aerospace Industry is operating smoothly and growing from strength to strength. We are also working closely with some of the leading names internationally to develop infrastructure and capabilities for command control systems, integrated body armour and weapon systems.


Our vision is to increase capability and reduce risks for soldiers. Our strength lies in engineering & development, project management and large-scale manufacturing of defence products that meet and exceed international standards.