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The concern for complete protection and combatant mortality, while in battle, has been high priority and will always be. Body armour is one of the most important protection gears of a soldier. Body Armour is the outer most piece of protective shield a soldiers wears over his torso to avoid lethal injuries to critical body parts. Traditional body armour was made from steel. But today's combat scenarios demand more agile and flexible armour. Today, body armour is made of high performance materials in heterogeneous combinations. It broadly comprises of an outer carrier, soft armour and hard armour to provide protection against various threats including handgun ammunition, rifle ammunition, fragments, stab, etc.. Additionally, critical areas like groin, neck, shoulders and sides can also be protected with additional ballistic attachments to regular body armour.


A modern soldier's body armour needs to be essentially comfortable and easy to wear for extended period of time. It needs to allow the soldier freedom of movement, agility and awareness. Badly designed body armour can hinder a soldier's movement and can pose a risk to his survivability jeopardising the success of his mission.


Body armour needs to provide optimum protection in extreme conditions and climates. It is also extremely important that body armour of a modern soldier seamlessly integrates with mission critical equipment required by a modern soldier.