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MKU offers excellent opportunity for motivated, work-centric and enthusiastic professionals in various technical and non-technical fields. Our manufacturing and R&D is spread across India and Germany and our products are sold in over 100 countries. You can expect a cross cultural atmosphere and look forward to a lot of challenging opportunities to showcase and polish your skills. You will be part of a global team working on creating, selling and marketing newer and better products and solutions to help the brave soldiers across the world perform their duties safely and without fear.

Executing Responsibilities Our Vision of growth is supported by our sense of responsibility. Every decision we take shapes us, our company and also impacts our Nation. Hence, we take our responsibilities very seriously. We recognise that our operational, social and ethical conduct has far reaching consequences and therefore, it is our constant endeavour to always responsibly execute our responsibilities.

Protecting Our Heroes Our brave soldiers and security personnel serving in various theaters of conflict face numerous danger and threats to ensure our safety. It is our mission to protect these brave heroes. We, at MKU, feel proud to be able to extend a safety cover to the families of our protectors, as when the soldiers are protected, their families feel safe.

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