Performing Operational Tasks - In Safety And Comfort

01/02/2018 by Manish Khandelwal


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Extended duties on the battlefield and the prolonged nature of low-intensity conflict have got militaries around the world to rethink their war strategies and the development of combat gear needed to cope with such scenarios. Gone are the days when the only purpose of a soldier’s body armour was to protect against a threat. Progressively long operational time has necessitated the development of an armour suit that not only protects soldiers against threats from bullet shots and the lethal fragments of shrapnel but also reduces its adverse effects on their performance and maneuverability over prolonged missions.

Let’s look at some of the hindrances that crop-up due to prolonged wearing of body armour.

  • The weight of the armour restricts movement, reducing efficiency.
  • Impedes mobility on the fluid, fast-moving battlefield.
  • Affects maneuverability & agility in carrying out complex tasks.
  • Improper fitting distracts & hinders performance.
  • Poor ventilation makes it uncomfortable.
  • Unevenly distributed weight of body armour, accelerates chances of fatigue.

Although a number of manufacturers of protection systems around the world have developed lightweight armour solutions that provide ballistic protection, most lack the necessary ergonomics that play a vital role when used in real-life scenarios. For example, on average soldiers are encumbered with over 30-35kgs of weight that includes body armour, weaponry, ammunition and self-sustaining equipment. The fatigue caused by this weight over extended missions is one of the reasons soldiers often choose to discard body armour, even at the expense of their safety.

To counter this, lightweight armor alone doesn’t solve the problem. This is because the added weight of the combat gear negates the advantage provided by the lightness of the body armor, and with the extra load of the add-on gear, its effectiveness is reduced significantly.

However, not all developments in this area have been ineffective.ILDS (Insta Load Distribution System) an innovative new technology developed by MKU, has significantly changed the way soldiers carry their combat gear. Compatible with most of MKU’s combat and tactical armor vests like Instavest, ILDS intelligently manages the load carried by a soldier by lifting the weight from his shoulders, back and spine and redistributing it to his hips and legs, resulting in extreme comfort and greater mobility. This substantially enhances a soldier’s performance and allows them to carry their loads easily over long periods, without hindering their range of motions in any tactical situation. Watch ILDS demo video here.

Made with high-quality composites, the ILDS system uses no metal parts and generally comprises of 2 sub-systems – a smart load distribution assembly (SLDA) which can be simply attached to the rear panel of MOLLE compatible vests with a custom ILDS pouch, and an Insta Waist Belt with smart load-bearing gear to accommodate the assembly. This technology comes with a universal size that fits all size and height combinations. It is also compatible with the MKU’s patented quick release system of Instavest for fast doffing and donning of the vest.

ILDS technology gives soldiers a great advantage in long-duration missions however, it may not always be necessary to carry large amounts of weight during short tactical operations. For such missions, the 6th Generation of body armour vests developed by MKU can provide soldiers with the needed protection without hindering their mobility. Overvests such as JMU II A, JMU XIV B, JMT IV B and X IV A are 40% lighter, 30 percent thinner and 50% more flexible than most regular body armours used by armed forces today. They conform to international standards(NIJ 0101.06, VPAM & BSW 200C) and provide excellent energy absorption and dissipation even with multiple hits. These ergonomically designed body armours, enhance a soldier’s mobility and absorbent inner material along with a special capillary weave that helps wick out excess sweat, keeping a soldier dry and comfortable in extreme weather conditions and during extended operation time.

Instavest G 6
(Tactical vest)
Multi-Utility Vests
(Quick Action vest)
Multi utility vest
(Complete torso protection)
Military vest
(All-round protection)

So, whether our soldiers move out for a long patrol through a high threat area, lay a cordon and search around a suspected hideout or perform sentry duty in a vulnerable location, bulletproof vest and protection gear like the ones from MKU, ensure that they do so in safety, comfort and with optimal combat efficiency.

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