Force Multipliers for Infantrymen

27/04/2018 by Manish Khandelwal


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Need for lighter ballistic protection gears to maximise soldier’s mobility is continually being felt with advancement in weapon science. Referring to the ongoing progression in the area of soldier modernization, integrating electronic and communication devices to existing body armour are relentlessly being practiced by armies all over the world. Integration of electronic systems results in added situational awareness along with constant interaction and directives from the command centre.

In modern warfare, the role of protection solutions is not only confined to stopping bullets whereas but there are also expected to actively participate in detection, recognition and identification of threats. Modernized body armour supported by advanced electronic systems boosts the performance of soldiers by helping them to approach both situations and targets with a fearless approach with the probability of minimal loss.

MKU’s NICS - The network centric integrated combat system for soldiers, is designed to overcome the challenges faced by the armed forces when modernizing the gear of their network-centric soldiers. NICS facilitates easy integration of the combat subsystems for effective connectivity and communication with the new & evolving command and control equipment. It offers considerable weight reduction while maintaining ergonomics and modularity.

The dedicated R&D team at MKU realized that Network-centric warfare technology is the order of the day. Compromising on integrating communication and control devices to armour solution is like asking cent percent out of partially equipped soldiers in combat. MKU’s CIBA has been such designed that it acts as a central hub for the dismounted soldier, in order to house not only soft armour and ballistic protection plates but also an internal cabling system within the vest. Various components of NICS enable it for modular up-gradation depending on the combat role a soldier has to discharge while in-theater.

Night fighting capabilities are undoubtedly one of the most powerful force multiplier tools for any army using it all over the globe. MKU’s NETRO NM-3000 is a 3rd generation multifunctional night vision monocular, which allows soldiers at work to withhold their night-adapted vision by attaching it to the helmet. Compactly built, lightweight and the unprecedented performance of NETRO NM-3000 make it a must-have device.

MKU’s MUKUT helmet is designed to provide maximum stability and comfort while participating in combat. The MPSS (Modular Padding Suspension System) in MUKUT provides excellent airflow which assists in unmatched heat dissipation. MUKUT helmet is a bolt-free helmet ensuring zero compromised areas in the helmet shell providing uniform protection across the ballistic shell perimeter.

MUKUT is built using advanced technology offering overall uniform protection, better situational awareness and compatibility with almost all modern head-mounted devices. RHT technology within the MUKUT helmet shell guards heads from injuries that are the result of high impact from the high-velocity projectile. Equipped with MACS System (Multiple Accessory Connector System) the Mukut becomes a headgear of choice as it transforms a simple ballistic protection headgear into a powerhouse of information and enhanced situational awareness by facilitating mounting of various Head Mounted Devices and communication equipment onto the soldier head increasing his lethality and survivability, undoubtedly that of the squads too.

It is equally important body armour comes with custom fit and comfort as per the varied physical attributes of soldiers in the battalion followed by its seamless integration with mission-critical equipment. MKU has developed the Insta Load Distribution System (ILDS) for combat and tactical armour vests that evenly distributes the weight on combat shoulder and neck resulting in swift and hassle-free movement.

Insta Load Distribution System (ILDS) comprises 2 sub-systems - a smart load distribution assembly (sLDA) which can be simply attached to the rear panel of MOLLE compatible vests with a custom ILDS pouch, and an Insta Waist Belt with smart load-bearing gear to accommodate the assembly. MKU’s ILDS made from high-quality composites and exceptionally easy to use, it comes in all sizes to comfortably fit soldiers with different heights and built.

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