Personal Protection

Expectations from the Modern Combat Helmet

17/12/2020 by Manish Khandelwal

MKU's Bolt free ballistic helmets with no holes–no drills technology ensure zero compromis...

Electro Optics

NETD Parameter in Thermal Imaging

10/07/2020 by Prachi Gupta


What Constitutes in the making of Hard Body Armour

27/08/2020 by Rajib Pal

Hard Body armour is widely used by different militaries of the world to protect their soldiers in armed conflicts and other hostile areas. The correct use of body armour greatly helps in reducing fatalities in such environments, thus helping in boosting the operation capabilities of the troops. 

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Overview of soft body armour, its materials and importance

20/08/2020 by Rajib Pal

Since Soft Body armour serves a very astute operational requirement and is worn more from the perspective of concealability and seamlessly blending into an environment while still being protected from threats, it becomes extremely important to understand the working and materials usage of this type of armour..

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Basics of Body Armour Technology

12/08/2020 by Rajib Pal

All around the world, Body Armour actively saves lives on a daily basis. Right from Special Forces undertaking a deadly mission, to the Police officials going about their daily beat patrols, all armed forces employ ballistic vests for their personal protection and operational enhancement. Hence, it becomes extremely crucial to fully understand the working of Armour Technology developed to provide protection to the heroes who stand bravely in the line of duty to safeguard their nation.

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What does Auto-gated Night Vision mean?

07/07/2020 by Raghav Jain

Auto Gating is a crucial technology in modern day NVDs. It makes the device capable of giving clear visuals in frequent and sudden changes in light conditions. Placed within the image intensifier tube, it enables the amount of light reaching the intensifier to be automatically gated i.e.

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Difference between night vision generations?

01/07/2020 by Prachi Gupta

To detect, recognize, and identify a target in pitch dark conditions, Night vision devices play an important role. This technology of night vision empowers our soldiers in combat situations. There are different generations of image intensifier tubes used in NVD’s, to know about which is important while purchasing a suitable night vision device.

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Science behind Night Vision Devices

23/06/2020 by Prachi Gupta

Image Intensifiers give NVD’s the power to uncover anything hiding in the dark and give you a distinct edge over your enemy. To better understand the working of this game-changing technology read our full article

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