Personal Protection

Expectations from the Modern Combat Helmet

17/12/2020 by Manish Khandelwal

MKU's Bolt free ballistic helmets with no holes–no drills technology ensure zero compromis...

Electro Optics

NETD Parameter in Thermal Imaging

10/07/2020 by Prachi Gupta


Figure of Merit (FOM) in Night Vision Devices - Embrace the Darkness

02/11/2021 by Raghav Jain

Military personnel, typically, rely on their visual sense during most operations. MKU's high-advanced Night Vision Devices provides a vast improvement over human night vision and can avoid temporary blindness. This is made possible by FOM in our Night Vision Devices as the higher FOM unit performs slightly better in low light environments and provides a platform to the warfighter that integrates heads-up situational awareness and unmatched capabilities to own the networked battlefield. 

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Curvature and Coverings in Hard Body Armour

23/02/2021 by Rajib Pal

Hard armour plates are an integral part of combat equipment. The different curvature of these armours offers easy mobility and tactical advantage to a soldier, while coverings help to improve anti-ballistic performance. Click here to get a better understanding of different curvature and coatings in Hard Armour.

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A complete guide on Netro's Thermal Weapon sight

07/01/2021 by Prachi Gupta

It's tough for soldiers to take the edge over the enemy during a night operation. Netro's Thermal weapon sight provides the ability to establish the target, aim, and shoot with pinpoint accuracy over longer distances at night.

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An important parameter of thermal devices: Detection & Recognition

26/11/2020 by Raghav Jain

Soldiers often find themselves working in dark environments. MKU’s Thermal Imaging Devices can detect the slight changes in the background and help soldiers to recognize their target with ease in dark and rough climatic conditions by producing a clear thermal image. Click here to learn about Detection and Recognition Distances.

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How Helmet stability affects combat soldiers' performance?

24/11/2020 by Dr. D.D. Dixit

A lightweight ballistic helmet system ensuring comfort and stability is the need of the hour. It is crucial to understand the importance of stability in helmets during combat operations and not just the ballistic performance. Our advanced range of helmets delivers the highest level of protection yet are lightweight and comfortable and providing seamless fit and easy adaptation to mount various devices. Learn more about stability of helmets here

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Understanding The Importance of Head Protection

20/11/2020 by Dr. D.D. Dixit

Survivability for soldiers is very important during a combat operation. Without a headgear, a soldier can be injured in various ways and, in extreme cases, it can be life losing battle. Choosing the right ballistic helmet and then using it correctly is crucial. 
MKU primarily intend to protect a soldier’s head against the projectiles and the blow of falling objects with their advanced technology and proven materials used to make ballistic helmets.
To better understand the importance of Head Protection, read our article here

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