Kavro Ballistic Eyewear


Ballistic eyewear or glasses and goggles are becoming more and more important for operatives in combat environments. They protect the user from small projectiles, fragments, debris and harmful UV rays. Kavro ballistic eyewear conforms to some of the strictest military standards and specifications for impact resistance and UVA protection.

Kavro ballistic eyewear come with a one-piece, high-quality interchangeable clear, smoke and amber lenses with UVA protection as per ANSIZ87.1. The goggles come with flexible strap ends for custom fitting. They come with their custom carry cases and can be used with ballistic helmets or without them. They provide V50 protection of 200 m/s against 0.15 calibre, 5.85 (+/- 0.15) grain & T37 shaped projectiles when tested in ambient conditions in accordance with ballistic standards STANAG 2920, MIL-PRF-32432 or MIL STD 662.

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