Communications DSP Engineer Apply

Location MKU Limited, Gurugram , India
Department Electro Optics
Academic Qualification B.Tech - Electroncis & Communication Engineers, M.Tech - Digital Signal Processing
Experience Minimum 5-7 years of job related experience
Reporting To
Responsibilities • Innovative thinking of RF algorithm design, software and of technology evaluation, concept design, prototype development, implementation and demonstration.
• Actively participate in the company’s SDR program and be a part of the full product development cycle.
• Design signal processing for custom software defined radio hardware (ex. channelization, equalization, PA linearization, gain control, carrier synchronization, symbol mapping, framing, channel coding/FEC, Digital Filters, Modulation/Demodulation)
• Conduct research to make informed decisions and give recommendations on the feasibility of new concepts for defense application.
• Assist with selecting platforms including cutting edge processors to augment RF processing applications.
• Conduct tests throughout the design process, testing the elements individually and in conjunction with other hardware and software systems.
• Prepare and Maintain documentation throughout the design and development process including equipment specifications, notes on testing and troubleshooting, etc.
• Collaborate with manufacturing personnel to ensure that the electronic systems are built according to the specifications.
• Design and conduct product level tests on the electronics and electrical systems.
• Collaborate with Software/Firmware Engineers at different stages of the product development.
Competencies • Experience in mixed signal, RF and communication systems development
• Knowledge of Software Defined Radio
• Knowledge of Waveforms/Protocol development
• Knowledge of Digital Signal Processing in areas of Software Defined Radios, Multi-Rate Signal Processing or Digital Communications
• SDR Development Platforms
• Knowledge of RF Algorithm Design
• Knowledge of Frequency Modulation
• Knowledge of Mobile Ad Hoc Networking (MANET)
• Expertise in C/C++, Python, VHDL/Verilog, Matlab, Simulink, P-Spice, Embedded C, Java, JavaScript, Shell.
• RF Processing knowledge to build upon and extend SDR frameworks.
• Familiarity with RFSoC platforms and VHDL
• Experience of FPGA, GPP and GPU development and how to leverage such platforms
• Experience in and knowledge of software and algorithm development, machine-learning algorithm development, or artificial intelligence techniques applied to digital RF signal processing, RF engineering or spectrum theory, communication systems, electronic warfare, SIGINT processing, or related technology areas.