Manager Operation Apply

Location MKU Limited, Shyam Nagar, Kanpur , India
Department Electro Optics
Academic Qualification Master’s in Engineering or Science
Experience 10 Years of relevant work experience
Reporting To
Responsibilities • Participate in the industralisation of new products alongwith the R&D team
• Engage in development of moulds, tools, jigs & fixtures
• Develop the QC and Production process documentation of the industralised products
• Ensure training of QC and Production teams for the industralised products
• Conduct qualification, FAIs and validation of the product alongwith the R&D team
• Making production plans for bulk and sample orders.
• Develop a deep understanding of the production procedures and find ways to increase effeciency
• Manage the Production Team
• Implement In-process QC procedures
• Manage Incoming and Outgoing QC
• Introduce procedures to ensure highest level of quality of products
• Ensure proper records and manuals are being maintained related to QC
• Find new vendors and develop substitute vendor base
• Qualify vendors
• Work on find sources to reduce cost and increase quality
• Conduct regular vendor visits and audits to manage vendor related risks
• Manage Vendor Orders and Deliveries
• Manage Unit Level Accounts
• Do Sales Project Costings
• Ensure the upkeep of stores
• Manage the inventory levels in the factory
• Manage minimum stock levels as per plan
• Manage of Inventory records
• Manage factory visits, audits and inspections by customers and auditing agencies
• Ensure procedures are being followed as per ISO
• Ensure that the MKU SOP is being followed
• Create SOPs where required for smooth functioning of all the departments in the unit
• Ensure regular maintenance of machinery
• Provide support in technical and managerial decisions
• Improve and streamline processes, development, production, and logistics
• Diagnose the efficiency of all the functions in the facility and locate bottlenecks
• Analysis Reports and, planning the production, human resources, Inventory Management
• Present quarterly results for each department to the Directors/Division Heads
• Ensure that the security and the safety of the facility and its personnels is being maintained at all times
• Ensuring the upkeep of the factory infrastructure
• Manage general admin matter of the factory
• Manage the staff in the factory in terms of motivation and discipline