Asst. Manager/Dy. Manager (Purchase) Apply

Location MKU Limited, 13, Gandhi Gram, Kanpur , India
Department Purchase
Academic Qualification Graduate
Experience Minimum of 8 years’ experience
Reporting To
Responsibilities • Stays familiar with the company's needs
• Makes supply orders
• Coordinates with people in different company locations to see if a better price is available somewhere else or if suppliers in a certain area are not living up to expectations
• Double-checks the work of purchasing agents
• Communicates with executives and gains approval for purchasing contracts with new vendors or on new supplies
• Continuously comparison shops and negotiates to make sure the company gets the best possible prices on needed supplies
• Oversees supply chain management
• Communicates with suppliers and to make sure supplies get where they need to be when they need to be, even when a deadline is tight
• Maintains a network of professional contacts in order to discover new opportunities for good deals on orders
• Forecasts demand for certain products and makes orders accordingly
• Checks inventory, tracks how inventory is used, and adjusts purchasing habits in accord with apparent trends
• Processes payments and invoices
• Keeps a well-organised collection of contracts for easy reference when needed
• Attends meetings to stay up to date on the company's objectives
• Attends conferences to meet potential new suppliers and glean insight from other professionals in the purchasing field
Competencies • Excellent oral and written communication skills with a personable, professional approach
• Knowledge of MS Office: Excel, Word, Outlook, Windows10, Office 365, RDP, Internet, basic knowledge of NAV.