Press Release

MKU – High Sea Piracy – Asset & Personnel Protection

28 November 2016, Singapore, Malaysia

With rising piracy threats and growing incidences of kidnappings of crew for ransom especially in the Gulf of Aden and Strait of Malacca regions, making shipping lines and crew weary to be sailing through the tumultuous regions risking life and valuable cargo at the same time.

MKU – The Journey of Protecting 2 Million Soldiers, and Counting

28 October 2016, Jakarta, Indonesia

MKU, a leading manufacturer of armoured platforms solutions for personnel is introducing the path breaking new RHT technology for helmets that offers Double Protection to soldiers.

MKU's Instavest G6 – Advanced Tactical vest with Quick Release

17 October 2016, Tokyo, Japan

At MKU, Engineers have invented something whichnot just spotlights on the guard of the soldiers, additionally thecomfortability of the soldiers. MKU manufactured INSTAVEST G6 – "The Newstandard for performance".


26 September 2016, Manila, Philippines

MKU's products have for over three decades now protected over two million soldiers. MKU saves lives and bring smiles to the soldiers and security personnel, their battalions, family and friends, and to the nation.